Compaign Principles

My main goal is to ensure that hardworking Georgians are financially independent. I believe this is the
right time to safeguard the future together. Scroll down to learn more.


I extend my full support to business Owners, small, medium or large. In talking to a lot of small business owners, I learned that SBA loans and commercial loans process banks takes approximately 60 to 90 days. As your Labor commissioner I will work with banks and lenders and make this process 30 to 45 days with popular documents. If banks and lenders are closing resident loans for 30 days then why not SBA and commercial loans? I plan to look into this within the first 100 days of my office.

Business owners who plan to initiate imports and exports, or plan on bringing in business from another state or country will have my full support. I will work with Government agencies to find ways the Government can reduce the Permitting and Licensing Process to have business and entrepreneurs up and running fast.

I will create a Business one-stop website that lists all Business documents including Guidelines for all countries and cities.

Once a year or every 2 years, I will arrange Global Business Summit and International Business Conferences.


I met and spoke to approximately 80 to 90 hotel owners / entrepreneurs. After the Covid 19 Pandemic, these business owners are struggling to keep their business going. As Labor Commissioner I will support Hotel Owners. We will work together and cut $5.00 state tax. This is another plan for my first 100 days in office. Here will be a Special Committee created for this purpose. I already spoke with 6 to 7 State legislators.

What is $5.00 Extra charge?
The $5.00 charge was passed in March 2015 as part of Georgia House Bill 170. The Hotel Occupancy Tax which charges guests an extra $5.00 per night no matter what the rate of the Hotel Room. Unfortunately, this New Tax was created in the late night with no opportunity for citizen or industry to chime in. You can see other states don’t have $5.00 extra charge so why only Georgia?? All the fees and Taxes add up for guests budgeting for an extra $5.00 Per Night.


I understand that termination, layoffs, in some cases, set people on either path of grief or crime. My office will always be open for you. We will help you with benefits and also help in your next job search, so we can bounce back our state, together.


Unity is the key to progress, prosperity, and peace. I was an Inmate Supervisor and often heard the inmates worry about their next meal, next job and survival. As Labor Commissioner I will make a special committee and work with Law Enforcement and Jail. I will send a motivational video and my message for every prisoner to let them know that they are human too. After their time, they will be welcome in my office to apply for benefits and provided assistance in their search for a new job and a new life. This is another agenda for the first 100 days.


I plan to hold a series of beneficial seminars for everyone.

A Free Seminar for High School and College Students, Updated Technology, Best Management Practice, Training, Financing, Encouragement Arrangement, Thought Process Technology Thinking, Productivity Thinking, Leadership Thinking. Goal Oriented talk, Direction & Decision talk. How to start up business, what is SBA LOAN, and Commercial Loan What License you need and so forth.

Mission Financial Protection Seminars.
Financial House, Protection, Debt Management, Emergency Fund, Investment, Growth, Development, Financial Education, Safety, and Security.


My main focus is #1 Customer Service. As a Labor Commissioner I will hire more staff to receive calls and emails. I will introduce a call center and we will answer calls 24/7.

I will take care of my employees, respect them, try to provide the best facilities, and treat them like family, the best training, and updated technology. I believe Leadership Attracts Loyalty & Commitment. I will take care of my employees so they can provide friendly and generous reception service for our citizens.


I spoke to approximately 50 to 60 Farmers. They shared their struggles with lack of manpower /labor shortage. As Labor Commissioner, I will create Agricultural workforce Development Program through the Technical college system of Georgia to train future farmers and Agri-Business Leaders. I will be part of the “Georgia Grown” campaign. I will offer international help to Georgia Farmers and Agri Business to take their products to the global market. If farmers want more labor, then I will start an H2A Program

The H2A Program allows U.S. employers who meet specific regulatory requirements to bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill temporary agricultural jobs. I already spoke with some Immigration attorneys about what way we can help our Georgian Farmers.


If our SOS wanted extra help for Election Integrity. I will definitely help them secure our election and legal vote counts only. I will have motivated poll watchers in the workforce. KEEP OUR ECONOMY STRONG My goal is Georgia GDP VS US GDP. I will strive to ensure that Georgia has the highest turnover, business expansion, largest manpower, and biggest infrastructure.


  • Invite more investors to invest in our Great State Georgia. 
  • 7 star Hotel, World’s Biggest shopping mall, World’s Tallest Building, Global Business HUB, IT HUB, Technology HUB, World’s Best Medical college, World’s best Dental College, World’s Best LAW College. Cricket Stadium, World largest Food Court.

I believe when we work together, from all levels of government and private sector, there’s nothing we can’t build. Our partnership makes great things happen in Georgia and America.   

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